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My SAP Training resources

SAP sites for training, demos, missions to practice hand-ons new technologies in the cloud. 

SAP Cloud Platform


Start Developing in SAP Cloud Platform

This mission is the ideal starting point for newcomers to development on SAP Cloud Platform. Learn about platform fundamentals, register for a trial account, and get to know the lay of the land. You’ll also deploy your very first app. (You’ll get the badge for this mission about 30 days after you complete it.)


Develop a Node.js App on SAP Cloud Platform

This mission introduces you to the development, testing and deployment of a simple Node.js app on SAP Cloud Platform.


Develop a Node.js App on SAP Cloud Platform

Develop a business application using SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) for Java. Start with the SAP Business Application Studio and deploy to SAP Cloud Platform.


Take a Deep Dive into OData

OData is one of the key API flavors on SAP Cloud Platform. Learn about the SAP Cloud Platform tools for working with OData by building a simple OData backend service, with data from an SAP HANA database.


Develop Your First SAPUI5 Web App on Cloud Foundry

Learn how to develop a simple SAPUI5 web app and deploy it to the cloud, and learn the various tools you can leverage to deploy applications to Cloud Foundry.


Develop a Fiori Launchpad App with Your Own Dev Tools

Leverage local development tools to build an SAP Fiori app with enabled SAPUI5 flexibility features. The application will be connected to the public Northwind OData service and use enterprise-ready controls that fully leverage the capabilities of the OData protocol.


Deliver Your First SAP Fiori Launchpad Site (with integrated apps)


Get Started with the SAP HANA Cloud

Deploy and configure an instance of the SAP HANA Cloud, develop a multi-target application using SAP Business Application Studio, and create HANA native artifacts such as Calculation Views.



Start Developing in ABAP in SAP NetWeaver 7.5

The ideal starting point for newcomers to ABAP Development on-premise: Install the IDE, connect to an ABAP application server, create your first application, and create a database table.


Consume Data from an ABAP System Using the Cloud Connector

Learn about different ways to consume data from an ABAP system on SAP Cloud Platform using the Cloud Connector.


Start developing with SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment

Developing in a trial ABAP environment using ADT (Abap development tools) in Eclipse and SCP trial account.